Past Life

Who We Are And What We Do

When we seek answers for past lives, we are sensing that we are dragging old hurts and fears from past life experiences that have very little relevance on this life. Some of these old hurts will even have a physical impact upon the current life. Regardless of how you may try to live one way, deeply set within you, may be another reason not too.  Some of us even have trouble evolving from old scenarios and will insist on making the same mistakes or playing out the same role lifetime after lifetime. Fortunately, once the problem has been identified and accepted as a past-life experience it becomes open for releasing, clearing your path.

During a session, information will become available to you from Medium level, a psychic perspective and from an Energy Intuitive assessment. For those seeking Energy Healing, these can also be accomplished as the vibrational connection used in Healing is akin to the sensitivities that exist within the ability of an intuitive.