Who We Are And What We Do

At the beginning of 2016, I had just completed my undergrad and started a new job. Maybe it was the relief of finishing the last 6 years in school, or starting work in a new environment, but I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. I started looking for a reiki practioner, but when I saw Above Path, I immediately knew I had to go see Stephanie. I cancelled my other appointment at the time. I had no idea what to expect, and I was a little nervous, but Stephanie was so caring and loving, those feelings diminished as soon as I met her. After my first treatment I was able to sleep through the night and actually feel rested when I woke up. Over the course of my sessions with Stephanie I grew, and understood the importance of true self-care, and have gone from not wanting to leave bed, to actually tackling all the things I want to do for myself. My journey with Stephanie brought me to realize my own self-worth, and with that my self-esteem grew. I’m more in tune now with my own emotions and energies, and no longer allow others to diminish me. She really does set you up for success, as much as I wish I could go see her every week, she taught me the skills I need to take care of myself, and for that I am very grateful. Everyone’s journey with Stephanie will be different, but she will help you find what you need to get to where you want to be.

-K.M., Mississauga

I first found Stephanie and was introduced to Huna in the middle of over two years of struggle, divorce, and daily pain and worry. I believe Stephanie saved me from myself. Her teachings and endless patience with me has given me hope and health again. I am so grateful for her and her Huna.

-L.C.H., Flamborough

After many failed pharmaceutical treatments, and surgeries, doctors were stumped and at a loss for what else to “try”. I felt broken by hospitals. I was desperate and knew I had to find something else. Then I heard about Stephanie. From the first session, everything was different. This is an approach that is not about FIGHTING anything, it’s about healing. Stephanie taught me how to work with myself and heal. Stephanie showed me why treatments only gave me very short temporary relief. Since seeing Stephanie, I can sleep. I am pain free. I will continue to see Stephanie and happily recommend her to anyone.

– S.S., Dundas

Stephanie was recommended to me directly through my physiotherapist. Stephanie was described as a powerful healer, full of wise perspectives and medical enlightenments. She was all that and more! I saw Stephanie once a week for several months. At the end of that time, I am happy to say my spinal pain was gone. I now see Stephanie once a month to keep my energy clean. I am grateful to Stephanie for her very special very natural talent. If you aren’t certain if this therapy is for you, let me reassure you IT IS!!!!

– M.S.

Before Stephanie and Huna, I was very numb and disconnected. I went through life in pain, fighting disease, feeling as though I had no immune system. I felt tired all the time, and like life wasn’t worth living. I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. All I knew was that it felt like my body was falling apart and I couldn’t do anything about it. Everything I ate, I was allergic to. I was losing time at work. I was losing my ability to be with my husband and my children. I had so many unanswered questions. Stephanie came into my life just in time. Stephanie walked me through Huna. She taught me Ho’oponopono. Stephanie helped me reconnect with myself and my energy. Stephanie tuned my energy, relieved my diseases. Stephanie even helped me make peace with food. I can go out to restaurants again. And I have the energy to do so. Stephanie not only saved my life, she saved my job and my marriage. Stephanie helped my energy tremendously. I am so happy I found her. I am practicing her ‘homework’ every day. It is keeping me balanced and on track. When I feel like I am slipping, I go back to Stephanie and she helps me rebalance. Thank you Stephanie. You are a wonderful healer and guidance system.

– E.H.. Mississauga

We came to Stephanie because we felt lost. Stephanie helped us reflect on our life choices and how they are impacting our vibration and health. Our relationship was suffering, we were fighting over what really amounted to non-issues. As individuals and as a couple, we began to work on the practices Stephanie taught us. She has made such a difference in our daily behaviours!

– M & P.P., Hamilton

I came to see Stephanie for decades long issues with migraines. Stephanie’s Huna brought my headaches down from daily to weekly. Now, after a few short months, I have less than two migraines a month. Huna has restored my function. I feel clear and healthy again.

– E.S., Oakville

Whether physical or metaphysical, you have questions and health issues. When I came to Stephanie, I was looking for someone with heart. Someone who cared about her clients and about helping people. I liked that Stephanie was a nurse. There was a very physical understanding in her for the energetic impact she was making in her healing. Stephanie’s gift is that she meets you for your needs, honest, compassion, a desire to heal, no ego. Take the step and see her. You are worth it.

– G.C., Hamilton