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Why Energy Healing

Why Energy Healing?

We know that when our emotional minds are disconnected from our core selves, our physical ailments become worse. We are not able to be in tune with our body’s needs; thus illnesses last longer and pain feels more intense and chronic. We become consumed by our disorder. Through reconnecting our energy our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, our “dis”-ease and pain become less powerful. We take giant leaps toward becoming free and balanced. We heal.

The life-force energy flows through our bodies in a manner similar to our circulation. When it becomes imbalanced, blocked or disrupted it causes the body to weaken, which in turn predisposes us to physical, mental or emotional conditions.

Electro-magnetic energy is often measured and used by the medical profession, to analyze and record for diagnostic purposes. Wherever there is illness in the body there is disruption to its energy. Energy therapy channels in an effort to correct the frequency of the energy in the body to remove the blockage and rebalance. Huna reconnects the mind with the energy source to heal the body, bringing light and awareness to the problem and the physical symptoms. Huna addresses the cause to bring forward the resolution.

The universe around us is made from energy. Thought can shape and manipulate energy and brain waves. This is the implication of Quantum Physics and ancient Metaphysics, biofeedback, HUNA, Reiki, and so forth. Bending and sending energy is the primary method of communications to date, such as the computer you are currently using to read this page. Our brains, our bodies carry electricity and respond to electrical influence. Energy is felt by our touch, emitted by our bodies, and necessary for life. We see, feel and use energy in and around ourselves daily. Energy healing is a very real and legitimate practice, which has been credited with profound and reproducible results.
What is Energy therapy known to help?

Energy Healing can be used to heal any form of illness be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. By using the correct frequency for each different condition, this branch of Alternative medicine heals and releases pain and disruption thus rebalancing the system and returning the body to homeostasis (natural balance).

Energy Healing has been commonly used to heal:

Accelerated surgical recovery
Anger management
Autism (Mild/functional)
Balance disorders
Brain Injury/Concussion
Cancer pain
Chronic pain
Crohn’s Disease
Digestion disorders
Emotional illness
End-of-life care
Enhanced wellbeing
Fatigue syndromes
Heart disease
Immune disorders
Inflammatory conditions
Irregular heart rhythms
Irritable Bowel syndrome
Mental clarity
Mental health
Nervous disorders
Neurodegenerative disorders
Pulmonary Vein Stenosis
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Pain management
Reduction in side effects from aggressive medical therapies
Relationship and interpersonal disorders
Skin conditions
Sleep disorders
Self-esteem and assertiveness
Support for substance abuse recovery

And the list continues… As energy affects all things and is a part of our lives and experiences, there is no limit to where this therapy may be of service.