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Wellness is comprised of energies existing together in harmony and balance. Times and events in life can lower our energy. By realigning the energy, we restore balance for healing.

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The focus of Above Path is to be of service, helping people reach their greatest potential of health and wellness. Working vibrationally, through energy healing and ethereal communication, all things are possible.


Discover the underlying nature of illness and dis-harmony.


Reconcile the energy allowing a conscious flow.


Return to the state of health where systems function in wellness.


Find out what people are saying and the experiences they have had.

Energy and Research

Research into Energy healing is ongoing. Working within the Meridians, Energetic spheres, and vibrations for healing exposure and experiences are occurring globally.

How is Energy Healing Performed?

Huna and Reiki use a system of techniques, symbols and traditions passed down from tribal healers to the texts used today.

Energy healing from a trained practitioner is a safe and noninvasive process of gentle direction to realign the energy centres within the body.

Energy medicine has been used to treat ailments in cultures for thousands of years. When we work with our life force energy, our body is able to activate its natural ability to heal.