Why Energy Healing?The 7 Principles of HUNAHo'oponopono For PeaceInner Wisdom

Why Energy Healing?

To heal what is going on around you comes from healing what is going on within you.

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The 7 Principles of HUNA

IKE - the world is what you think it is KALA - there are no limits MAKIA - energy flows where attention goes MANA WA - now is the moment of power ALOHA - to love is to be happy with MANA - all power comes from within PONO - effectiveness is the measure of truth

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Ho'oponopono For Peace

The ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Ho'oponopono (to make right). I love you. I thank you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

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Inner Wisdom

Coming into alignment with our vibration for Health is a choice we all have the power to make.

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Welcome to Above Path

The world is comprised of living things having separate awareness and abilities, yet all existing with and for each other.

We are an interconnected energy field of life and experiences that fill and enrich everything in a common existence within the Universe. When we release ourselves into knowing we are all part of a Universal Energy, we vastly increase the energy we access for every moment we want to live.

We are good and worthwhile beings just as we are, and we can find harmony and health in connecting with ourselves and the Universal energy within all of us.

Fees and Hours

- HUNA -

$125 - 90 minute session includes consultation and full scan
$100 - One hour session
$60 - Half hour Energy focused session
$50 - Child session

- Reiki -

$70 One hour
$45 Half hour/child

- Psychic Reading -

$50 Half hour
$75 One hour

- Past Life Regression -

$ 80 Per hour

-Assistance Developing your Psychic Awareness -

$80 Per hour

Sweat Equity Members, enjoy 15% off.
Monday - 10am – 9pm
Tuesday – 10am – 9pm
Wednesday – 10am – 9pm
Thursday – 10am – 9pm
Friday – 10am – 7pm
Saturday/Sunday – by request only
Holidays – by emergency only
Karma Fridays: Last friday of every month

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